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Christian and Karine Egypt Clinic Report

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Soma Bay once again delivered the goods. We had an absolutely cracking week in a much quieter than normal Soma Bay. 7 days out of 7 with wind. We had it all, cranking small kite weather and a few blissful 12m hero breezes. The effort on the water was both inspiring and hair raising.

Special mentions must go to Kevin, the Animal, who battled through a few ailments to produce some stunning riding and now needs a container just to carry around all his tricks - just watch out Barcelona, there'll be plenty of wanging going down. Adam arrived a happy kiter and went home a smiling legend. He set a new benchmark for what you can achieve in a week through consolidation, and went home with a veritable box of tricks to show off back in Lancing. Jen was lucky enough to "have access" to Edwin's 7m Nomad and as a result nailed topside and discovered the joys of voluntary airtime - brilliant. Edwin claimed the chair of air with some massive boosts and kept us entertained with some overpowered skim boarding. And as for Juan Grande, unhooked railers will indeed travel well, as will the Woods! Here's to September....

For more info on clinics, dates and tricks visit Christian and Karine at www.ckperformanceclinics.co.uk

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