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Capture Your Session Like a Pro

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The GoPro HD Hero is a small, impact-resistant waterproof camera that delivers incredible pro-quality HD video and stills. Mount it, click it, and rip—and your session is indelibly recorded in high-definition, digitally digestible format to share with 972 of your closest Facebook friends. At under 300 dollars, this “wearable” camera has taken the world of extreme sports by storm. Here are a few tips for mounting and getting the most out of your GoPro.

Attach The GoPro To Your Kite. For stunning aerial views of yourself, friends, and dramatic scenery. Secure the camera to the top of the center strut with the GoPro vented helmet mount using three-quarter inch by 10 inch nylon strap extensions from a fabric store. Secure helmet straps to avoid flapping. Inflate
strut more to tighten. You can shoot video or stills every two, five, 10, 30, or 60 seconds. Experiment with camera angle for dramatic effects, and be sure to leash your camera to avoid losing it.

Helmet Mount. Capture everything you look at, so be sure to turn your head slowly. This mount allows you to switch the camera on and off between shooting time to maximize shooting the best parts of your session. Always tightly secure mounts and aim carefully. The chest mount allows similar capability and camera angle with bar and hands in the image.

Line Mount. Capture a close-up aerial view of you riding with this great product from Kitehero.com that mounts above where your leader lines connect to your flying lines.

Pole Mount. Shoot yourself and the world as you shred by attaching the GoPro to a short pole (make sure your pole floats). GoPro captures a 170-degree view allowing casual framing on the fly. This mount also works on your control bar. Be careful about line tangles for safety purposes.

Board Mount. Capture dramatic views of yourself from water level with your board in the frame. Kitehero.com also just released a bomber board fin mount to supplement GoPro’s adhesive mount.

Memory Cards. Use a class-four or higher SD card for best results. Eight, 16, and 32 gigabyte cards are commonly used. Watch out for memory overload—all those Gs pile up fast! Use temp files on your computer/external drive; keep the goods and delete the rest.

Keep It Clean. Keep hairs and grit out of housing seals to avoid leaks. Promptly soak housing and fastening bolts in fresh water to avoid corrosion. Mounts can bind, so have a screwdriver handy. You can avoid any fogging issues with GoPro strips in the housing; keep them out of the seal to stop leaks. Apply Rain-X to the outer housing lens to reduce water spotting.

To learn more about using GoPro cameras, great accessories, and mounting options, visit gopro.com.

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