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Susis All Girls Camp is a Hit

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With the success of last seasons all Girls camp in the Philippines Susi and Nenette Graf co-host an awesome camp this year. The pair of female kiters make a great team putting a strong emphasis on stepping up your kiting and having a great time while doing it.

This year's week long event was held in 3 different locations. The first stop was Kingfisher for 3 days, a small beach resort located in the province of Illocos Norte. Mon Montock, the owner, found this spot a few years ago and has turned it into a little kite/windsurfing paradise. The beach huts that serve as accommodation are basic but comfortable, the showers are hot and the meals are delicious. The spot is a little bit tide dependent because it can get very shallow, but when there's enough water to kite over the reef safely, the spot is epic, with flat water on the inside and waves on the outside.

After 3 days at kingfisher, we moved to Boracay where the Cabrinha kite school Green Yard hosted us for the rest of the camp. We were really lucky with the wind this year and got a kite session almost every day. When there was no wind, we were either getting pedicures (courtesy of body&sole spa), cruising around the little shops on the island and one day we went on a sunset cruise.

The third location we were at was called Union Bay, on the island of Caticlan, which is a more recently discovered spot. It has a big sandbank about 40 meters out which makes the inside super flat and great for learning tricks.

Girls camps are always good fun and even though we had a few stray boys tagging along, it was yet another great adventure and looking forward to the next one!

Here is a sneak peek of some of the photos. Can't give you guys more yet as we don't want to spoil the story for when it hits the magazines.

Photos By Christian Black


The entrance to Pagudpud, the region where Kingfisher is located.


This convenient vehicle is known as a trike and it's basically a little motorbike with a little side car welded on to it. The amazing thing about them is they can actually accommodate up to 7 people and their gear...

This kitespot is called union bay and is an awesome flaterwater training ground.

Not a bad place to be! The girls all went for a sunset cruise on a catamaran one afternoon when there was no wind.


Susi and Laura


This place makes the world best Chocolate truffles.


And the girls sure weren't shy about digging into the chocolatey goodness.


Dre, our special guest at the 2011 Girls Camp :)


Dre at work!


This is Bulabog beach, where all the kiting happens. It's a bit tricky because the wind is dead onshore but once you get a little way out its really nice and flat.


Green Yard is the local Cabrinha School who hosted our camp while on Boracay.



Special thanks goes out to KITEGIRL magazine for hooking us up. Get your copy at www.kitegirlmag.com



When there's no wind and nothing else to do, there's nothing like a bit of floating to pass the time.


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