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Tour of Duty

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 Keahi de Aboitiz and crew hit the road in a Jucy Crib caravan across New Zealand. Follow the tour as they make their way up the coast from Christchurch stopping for any adventure the Kiwi’s offer and the boys could squeeze into a day. From flat water to wave sessions, with luge, skydiving, bungee jumping, GoKarts, Agrojet, and the Swoop in between, the only thing the guys missed was an ALL BLACK’s game. Check out Keahi scoring a few points for a soild front fiip on his first bungy jump ever. 

Day 1, http://vimeo.com/32066192

Day 2, http://vimeo.com/32109507

Day 3, http://vimeo.com/32290180

Day 4, http://vimeo.com/32290641

Day 5, http://vimeo.com/32345457

Day 6, http://vimeo.com/32589900

Day 7, http://vimeo.com/32712457

Day 8,http://vimeo.com/32768622

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