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La Ventana Classiic 2012

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 Day 2- 

The day started bright and early… Our crew loaded on the boats at 7am and headed over to an uninhabited island with 99 racers for the classic Island Crossing.  While waiting for the wind to fill in they built fires, hung out and had scavenger hunts.

When it was go time, team Cabrinha was on a mission provoked by Rob Douglas who is all about power and speed.  He convinced the whole team to race 11 meter kites across the 11 mile run back to land.  Most other racers were on 9 and 7 meter kites.  

 The new kids on the block Daniel and Brandon hung on to their 11 meter kites as their 130 pound bodies were being propelled at max speeds across the water.  With smiles on their faces they blew by people on the downwind leg.  Douglas, Lake and Leroy lined up as they battled to track down the leader.  Rob exploded and lost valuable ground leaving Lake and Leroy battling for second as they charged toward the finish.  On the home stretch neck and neck and about 10 feet from the finish Damien stuck his nose in and cart wheeled across the water giving up second place to Lake and taking 3rd.  It was awesome!  

Wasting no time going in to freestyle Richey and Damo were in the first heat.  Putting on a show and advancing.  Event planners tried to run a few more heats but the wind shut off and everything was put on hold. 



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