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The Cabrinha team is in La Ventana Mexico preparing for the La Ventana Classic…

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Las Barilles, Mexico- last week. Brian Lake was on a roll at The Lord of the Wind event and ended up on the podium in all 3 events…..  Chris Butzen hung in the top pack in racing, and advanced to the finals in the big air. Jessica Sickinger finished third in Slalom keeping the girls on the podium. The new boys Daniel Koenig and Brandon Bowe put on a show in freestyle as the winds died out.  

The Cabrinha crew Rob Douglas AKA “Bobby the Bullet” Fastest sailor in the world, new Cabrinha team member Richey Gardner and Dan Kirkhoff, the freestyle boys Daniel and Brandon, Brian Lake the 2012 Bridge to Bridge champion,and Damien Leroy,2011 world champion slalom are all hanging out in La Ventana Mexico drinking Java at Baja Joes every morning gearing up for more to come in the way of competition. 

The Slalom racing began in winds exceeding 30 plus knots.  Competitors tangled lines and blew it up.  It was a sight to see.   Rob Douglas said “Well lets just say he went though some kits and bars and got wrapped up like a Christmas present.”  

Richey was the stand out at the young age of 50 years he made it in to the finals every race.  “Old Guys Rule”  

Damien managed to hang in there as Johnny Heineken took the win and came in second.  

Things are looking good for team Cabrinha!  All hands are on deck and all the money is on the table for the main event -crossing.

Thanks to Race Director Alex Aguera for putting on the slalom event.



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