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Lord of the WInd

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Las Barilles, Mexico- Brian Lake was on a roll at The Lord of the Wind event and ended up on the podium in all 3 events! 
Team Cabrinha parked on the beach in front of the event site for the week.  The first day started with great wind and tons of action.  Kirsten Ulmer Cabrinha's PNW rep and super ninja kite girl was able to make it through the first two heats pulling in two, first place wins by passing competitors who were in it to win it and riding dirty. Since there are NO rules in slalom racing anything goes! Jessica Sickinger finished third in slalom keeping the podium stacked with Cab riders.  Brandon Bowe and Bryan Lake made it through to the finals missing multiple tangles and overpowered out of control competitors. 

With very little time between disciplines to spare the team pumped up the perfect kites for boosting.  Epic Sessions ran the big air competition with an iphone 4 app and hardware that you wore on your arm that would tell how high one jumped in their heat. Although the team was exhausted from all day racing they were pumped with adrenalin and ready to rock n roll for the big air contest.  With Super Women strength and two, first place wins in racing under her belt Kirsten was motivated to ramp up the crowd and take the highest jump including all the men with 33.4 feet!  Chris Butzen hung in the top pack in racing, and advanced to the finals in the big air as well.

The second day of the competition started with the final heats of slalom. Women's heats first with lighter winds.  In a serious battle Kirsten came in 2nd missing the win by 1/10 of a second.

Brandon Bowe and Bryan Lake were in the final heats with 6 men.  The best of the three heats took the prize.  The competition was intense as Bowe took first place in his first heat coming from last place, passing the other 5 riders. Lake screamed in right behind him. The next two heats were the most intense Bowe took the lead again but was taken out by Jake Buzianis. The next heat Brandon pulled out in front again but was once again denied and taken out by Buzianis!  Lake took advantage of the opening and held on to his third place spot.

In the last two days of the event course racing prevailed. Both days started with flat lake like conditions picking up to light wind conditions.  The showdown ran in light winds which favored kiters over windsurfers. Bryan Lake took third in this race.

On the last day of the event the Brandon and Daniel were able to spare some time for freestyle and catch the eye of the crowd by jumping on each others shoulders while riding, throwing low mobes, KGB's and awesome freestyle moves.

The top three places in each event received Cabrinha sponsored medals... and they looked awesome!




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