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Olympic Trials

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Our own Damien LeRoy goes to Spain to represent kiteboarding for consideration as a class in the Olympic Sailing Competition and the ISAF Sailing World Cup.  Damien, amongst the 18 riders from 10 nations and 4 continents, demonstrated for the pannel all there is to show about kite racing.  The ISAF evaluation panel consisting of members of the ISAF windsurfing and kiteboarding committee, events committee and equipment committee will collect data and present a report to the ISAF during the mid year meeting.  "It is not a matter of IF we get into the Olympics... it is WHEN!  The impact we made in Spain is big! We don’t need to fight any boat or class for a medal we are so unique and exciting.  It will happen." LeRoy says.

Damo Spain2


Damien Spain

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