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Welcome to the team Liam

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Cabrinha is pleased to announce Liam Whaley of Tarifa Spain has joined our international team.  Whaley at 15 years old is already stirring the pot on the PKRA tour.  It may be a little early to claim too much but we were all impressed to see him take out current world champ Youri Zoon in the singles in France. 

"My focus is on freestyle. I think living in Tarifa (the wind capital of Europe) I have a big advantage.  Most days in Tarifa you'll find good windy conditions to train with plenty of opportunity to ride with and learn from world class champions.  My dream is to become world champion by age 18, or sooner if possible! ;-) I consider myself pretty lucky to have my family and now Cabrinha supporting me on the journey to accomplish my dream!" Whaley said.




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