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PKRA- France upset

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A big HI-Five to Liam Whaley and Alby Rondina from all of us at Cabrinha.  15 year old Whaley takes out current world champ Youri Zoon in the single eliminations in some tough conditions. And Alby makes some noise on the live web cast against Langeree with hundereds of viewers checking in on the action.  Stoked to see the boys shaking things up early in the season!

In the heat between current World Champion Youri Zoon and the youngest rider on tour, Liam Whaley, each rider boosted huge air, with failures to stick landings on multiple occasions.  Zoon and Whaley brought some big back mobes and 313s to the table, while the underdog - Whaley - performed exceptionally well, earning a 6.3 for a Front Blind.  Ending in the biggest upset of the day, Whaley beat Zoon in a 2.63 difference in scores. In his heat that followed against local favorite, Sebastian Garat, Whaley performed just as impressively, exhibiting astonishing consistency, coming out on top with the winning position and earning the respect and adoration of everyone on the beach. He later lost to Alberto Rondina but won again in a battle against Carlos Madson, stepping up to the PKRA podium for his first time ever. Looking back on his match-ups, Whaley attributed his wins to an increased level of confidence throughout the day. READ MORE...



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