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English Channel Crossing

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It has been quite a journey to organize the English channel crossing. The weather has been playing cat and mouse with me and the french coast guards were cruelless in giving the authorization to cross the channel. Quite understandable when you consider the difficulty stopping a big shipping tanker... if you are on its way.  But its all done. Got my approvals and after checking the weather again, I decided that now is the perfect timing. Especially with the approval of kiteboarding in the Olympic games of 2016 in Rio! The synergy between my desire to break the world record by crossing the English Channel and the things that have bee happening around I decided to cross the channel this week.

Its been already a few months that I have been working on discovering the facts of the crossing, checking the channel, the currents, the waves and wind, developing the special equipment and training physically. I had so many chats with an old fisher men that has been out in the ocean for many many years now. There was so much to learn from them. Also the coast guards were giving me even more information about what is going on in the middle of the channel, where the highway of the shipping tankers is. And I believe the the brightest point of the crossing just happened this weekend: kiteboarding in the Olympic games. So motivated to do this.  Stay tuned for more from Bruno.


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