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Keahi Reports back from Portugal

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After a couple fun weeks in Portugal for the KSP its good to be heading home. The KSP organizers  put on a really good comp for this first event. Good location, hotel right on the beach with good rates and free breakfast and lunch for all the riders. Guincho is very well known for its kitesurfing and windsurfing potential and has its own little weather system. It's known for being 30 knots when other places aren't even windy. Unfortunately it didn't live up to its reputation and the wind didn't cooperate with us so we weren't able to get a result. They managed to run the first round of the comp and I had a great first round heat, but unfortunately thats all I got to compete in. Was still a fun event and we scored some really good surfing days as well as a couple light wind kiting days. Portugal is a really cool place and definitely has a lot of potential for kiting and surfing. If we had the wind it would have been a great comp. Really looking forward to the next competition in Mauritius and hopefully we score good conditions like they had last year!

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